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I’d read that one of the technologies that took us humans from the Palaeolithic to modern age was sewing. the bringing together of pieces of fur, later woven cloth to shield us from the elements. Fabrics clothe us, divide, explain,?and?glamorise us, fabric designs denote all kinds of cultural agendas, historical and present day.

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We grow up around household fabrics, table linen, curtains, bedding, they comfort and nurture us, sewing was traditionally women’s work, from?needlepoint pastime to household utility. As a woman that resonates with me. I can remember wearing the clothes that mother made for me. subsequently making my own.

These notions go a little way to explain an attraction, initially intuitive, I have to bits of coloured and patterned fabric and the thread that binds them. My subject matter is inspired by the history of painting and?the history of visual culture.

The images that illustrate our cultural timeline, that have persuaded us directionally, emotionally, politically. From Renaissance paintings to newspaper front-pages By cutting and rearranging?fabrics, appliqué,?sewing and embroidering I create large scale compositions (I think of them as paintings, with fabric and thread on my palette instead of paint) that depict figurative images, some vaguely narrative others more iconic.

Remnants of cloth are re worked into new visual dialogues. Each fragment of fabric carrying with it a little history of its own, creating layers of novel meaning. this is re-appropriation, recycling and collage.old stories into new.


Born 1973, Wales. Lives and works in London. Education: 1999 - 2001 MA printmaking, Royal College of Art 1996 - 2000 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Middlesex University

Selected Solo Exhibitions

- New Paintings, Thomas Cohn Gallery, Sao Paulo Brazil (with publication)
- Sex, Drops + Needlepoint (installation), Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

- Whatever is wrong with Elizabeth Jane?, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
- New Paintings, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

- Some Product, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

- The Rose garden, 404 gallery Naples
- Bodies, M'ars Gallery, Moscow
- The Lair of the Lotus Eater, Store Gallery, London
- SHOW - studio Collaboration with Nick Knight, London

- Gloriana, One in the Other, London

- Death to the fascist insect, Anthony D'Offay Gallery, Haunch of Venison Yard, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

- Lavir ‘Amara, Me Gallery, New York

- 9 Sheds, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

- Brampton Border, Chelsea Flower Exhibition, London

- Calvert22, London

- An Archeology, 176 Gallery, Camden, London

- The Triumph of Painting Part 6, The Saatchi Gallery, London (with book)

- Dolore, curated by Klarita Pandolfi & Harry Pye, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
- Group Exhibition, 404 Arte Contemporanea , Naples

- Mothers, curated by Harry Pye, The Ragged School
- New Blood Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery London (with book)

- Girl on Girl, Transition Gallery, London

- New Displays, Saatchi Gallery London (with publication)

- It's Only Words, Ausgang, curated by Liz Neal, Studio Voltaire, London

- RCA Secret , Royal College of Art, London


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